Friday, May 29, 1998

Ask Uncle Tusk: May 29, 1998

dear mistre tusk

i fancey orcid i think she is daed sexey aand you must now her form kiler insticnt too so i am wirtign to ask if youcan ask her to go ona daate wiht me i am fortean yeas old wiht gresy brown hare and glaezed eyes if she fansies me i will let yuo be teh best man atthe weding.

thak yuo very muhch

rodney witherspoon

Uncle Tusk replies: Do you want to leave now or wait until I kick your spotty arse over the horizon?

Scribes: May 29, 1998

Dear Scribes,

hey!!!! kiler instyint ROX!!!!!1!! i was wirting too ask ifyuo hasd any spaaer arcasde mechins off kiler instntc tahtyou coudl sendme. id be realyy graetfl thanx!!!11!!!!1!

Rare Says:
I think you should leave.